Index Management System is an easy to use daily operation system for trading company. It helps you and your company to issue invoice, statement and receipt in one minute. You can easily create the relationship between customers, like ship-to and bill-to, and setup difference sales price for each customer. Other features include material grouping, barcode printing, receipt, self definition of objects searching criteria (like customer, vendor, invoice...), user authorization control, SQL Server ready etc...
index management system screenshot
Main Features
  • No customization is required and ready to use (configuration based on requirements).
  • Light and simply software with powerful backend database engine (SQL Server) is for your business future expansion.
  • Self configuration of objects searching criteria fulfills your special requirements.
  • You can access your system anywhere without boundary.
  • Issuing invoice is just easy job in one minute.
  • Customers grouping and relationship setup easily and unlimitedly.
  • Material can be grouped for difference analytical purpose.
  • Multi-company environment is easily setup.
  • HTML5 ready.
  • Do your business from Anywhere at Anytime through the internet.
  • Could Ready.

If you want to issue invoice and statement, this is a definite must have. It is beyond simple!

What's NEW?

Index Management Systems V3.0 released.

Index Management Systems V1.0 released.
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